Clayton Simons (At National Prayer Conference 2016) Transcript

Hi, my name is Clayton Simon. I am from the States. Grew up in Minnesota. Strong Norwegian history there as well.

In the States I was a professional musician, travelling and touring – full time, and part of a band that was quite successful for a number of years. And at the height of the career we were having, I had a visitation from Jesus in the middle of the night. It started as a dream and turned in to much more. In this dream I was flying with my wife and my two daughters, from the US to Norway. I remember lots of detail – Night flight, the seat numbers It was very clear. And then I looked through the wall of the plane, and I see Jesus walking in mid-air, coming to meet the plane. He walks through the door, down the aisle and standing over me, seated there at the aisle. And He didn’s say anything, but it was no longer a dream. As He looked at me, I felt a download, these thoughts were being downloaded into me. Rather than just limitations with words, they were thoughts. And He was thinking about Norway, and how much He loved Norway, and how Norway had a calling that no other nation in the world had. It was very specific. And Him and the Father had been dreaming a dream since before the creation of the earth of what this land and this people would be. And specifically in that moment, He began to think about the Old Testament story about Joseph, and how Joseph had a time where it was difficult, but he was brought up to a place of prominence and influence in the world at that time with the wisdom to steward the resources. And He said, so too is Norway like a Joseph, in the sense of the wisdom to steward end-time resources. He said, so too just like Joseph ended up helping his father Israel, so too is Norway meant to help the nation of Israel. And it’s an end-time calling. That’s one of the reasons why the enemy has tried to divide Norway and Israel so intensely, because he knows the calling that’s here.
In this experience I felt passion, not anger, but passion, and it was almost like «And we will fight to see it, this country, come into everything we dreamed for it!» If you think the Lord is passive and sitting back and just letting whatever happens happen, it’s not true. The Lord is extremely interested in having His way go the way it’s meant to.

And, next morning I wake up. It had been a really powerful experience. Before I say anything, my wife says «I had the craziest dream last night» «And I don’t dream» «And I dream we are flying on a plane from the US to Norway and our kids are sitting inbetween us. You’re at the aisle» – and it was the exact same situation. I felt like, ok, the Lord is bringing a witness to the word. This is not just a good idea, but He is watching over His word to perform it.

Two weeks after this a friend calls me and says «The Lord asked me to call you and ask you a question» He didn’t know anything of what had happened to me and he said «When are you moving to Norway?» I said «I am not moving to Norway»

Long story short. It was a good conversation.

Two weeks after that another friend calls me. He said «I had a dream about you and Norway» He said «In the dream I saw a five part series dream about God’s strategy to win Norway to Himself and there is a lot to it.» I want to tell you the just of it. And just to say, he didn’t know anything either, about what had been happening. In the dream he saw God bringing foreigners from all around the world. And he described a place that looked exactly like this big house (YWAM Grimerud main building) on the hill. And that God was bringing foreigners from all around the world to hold up the arms like Moses needed his arms to be held up. So too are they coming to hold up the arms of the Norwegian church. So they could do their job.

That’s one of the reasons why God is bringing foreigners. To hold up your arms. So you can do what you are called to do for this time.

Next part of the dream. We are going out on the streets. We are trying to do evangelism. (He knows nothing about Norway. Never been here.) He found it to be a very introverted culture. We couldn’t get through to anybody trying to talk about Jesus. Nobody wanted to hear anything. – That sounds like Norway.

The dream goes forward, further into the future, and he sees a prayer meeting going on with all differenty type of people trying to pray together for Norway. (It wasn’t this one) In that one there was no unity. If you have ever been in a prayer meeting with no unity, it’s not fun! It’s maybe the worst place to be. It was that kind of feeling. He said «Clayton, I saw you there and I knew you were living in Norway» All of a sudden my friend says, he is in the prayer meeting and begins to have an out of body experience in the dream. He eventually gets up above the earth and is looking down on Norway and down on the US at the same time. He sees a picture of a map with pins on all the places you’ve been. Only these pins represented leaders and celebrities and different people. He heard the Lord say «The Lord resists the proud but gives grace to the humble» He sees cracks going all across the US because there was pride and resistance to the Lord. He looks at Norway and he sees the leaders of Norway watching the US at this time. What’s going to happen over there now? Is everything falling apart? He hears the Lord say «I am giving Norway the opportunity to not go the same way as the US» «And if the church in Norway will pray for mercy on the US in their time of need I will sow back mercy on them in their time of need.» A sowing and a reaping. When we see a speck in our brother’s eyes, there may also be one in ours, but we pray for mercy.

He ends up falling back in his body in the dream and sees in a similar picture a map of Norway floating towards him in the room. It has cracks running all through it, kind of like the picture of the US. He says «No, Lord» and he grabs it and he knows that it is prophetic intercession that is holding the nation together. When this happens there are other people in the room that saw it happening, but could not understand. They began to viciously, verbally attack him. «How dare you be so disrespectful to the rosary?» In Catholicism the rosary is man-made religious prayer. It’s a way of thinking that things need to be done this way, prayed this way. «Who do you think you are?» they say to him. Janteloven-thinking. They are trying to take control over the situation. The three enemies of the prophetic intercession that the Lord wants to release here are: «Who am I?» I can’t do anything, who am I? You are a child of God! You are the front and not the back, the head and not the tail. You are a son and a daughter of the most high God. Heir to His Kingdom. Royalty. That’s who you are. Control and religion are the other ones.

He said «Clayton, all of a sudden you jumped up and you jumped in between us to guard.» It was the prophetic intercession that was holding the nation together. Prayer needed to happen, first, and it was changing the atmosphere in the country. Time went on and we went into the streets again, and people were open. «Yeah, I do actually want to hear about Jesus» «I’m interested» Totally opposite.

Faithful prayer will lay the foundation for the shifting of the atmosphere that the Lord is going to do here.

Last part. We were on the streets and we saw this girl that was all alone in the hospital. They way to win Norway is Love. If you love them you will win them. We just started loving on this girl who had nobody. One of the enemy’s strategies is to isolate people, even in their own families, in their own communities. We started reaching past that barrier and we started just to love. No expectation to receive anything back in return. Not trying to get her saved. Just loving. As we loved she suddenly got healed. It was like a spark that set off. It started to spread all over the country. Salvation and healing over the whole country.

Last thing. He called me back a little later, after I moved here. I had a dream about a young Scandinavian woman. She said «Help me» Hundreds of years ago, strong men (a spirit) came and took control over me, and I lost my song and I lost my voice. Help me find my song and my voice.

The Lord is about to help you find your forgotten song. You have a special song that is meant to be sung and that the nations will hear. It is going to give glory to the Lord. It hasn’t been heard ever before.

The Lord will release a new prayer and worship movement and a new prophetic movement. The enemy has tried to take out the prophetic in the past, but it belongs to the Lord. He does a better job with it than us.

«Thank you Lord for this meeting. Thank you that the ground is good and the seeds you are planting are landing in good soil. Thank you for the wealth that is already here in this nation, but that’s nothing compared with what is coming. People say the economy is going down. That’s not what the Lord says! As he begins to move in the country, one of the things that will happen is wealth creation beyond anything that we have yet seen here. It is for Him! The Lord is raising up stewards now. He is putting them into place now. So when this wealth is released it can go and accomplish what He sat it aside for all along.

We pray for the business community and those that are involved in business. Let a wind now come behind them! Let creativity now come! Let outside the box thinking come, for them to bring answers now, to problems where there were no answers, solutions where there were no solutions.

And thank you for the foreigners Lord that you are bringing from all over. I pray for any place of misunderstanding between nations that are already here. Lord, we pray where there is misunderstanding between cultures we speak «Let there be grace that comes to see things the way you see them Lord.»

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